Monday, March 25, 2013

Walter Mignolo- "Yes, We can!- non-European thinkers and philosophers"

Walter Mignolo (Duke University) weighs in on the debate of the role of non-Europeans thinkers and philosophers.

Check out the article:

Mignolo adds to the debate which has been going on between articles written by Santiago Zabala on Slavoj Zizek and Hamid Debashi. This is very interesting because it is rare to see a decolonial scholar such as Mignolo writing for a non-academic audience and it provides an opportunity for other people who are not introduced to our studies to see what we argue for (much like the purpose of this blog).

I suggest that you check out the articles of Zabala and Debashi first to check get an idea of the context in which Mignolo is weighing in.

I will come back to write out Mignolo's main argument and to expand on some of the points he makes because many people have misunderstood what he is arguing in this piece.

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