Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Updates Finally to Come!!

I realize that I abandoned this blog for many months, but I will be making an attempt to update it more frequently and to try to accomplish my original aim of breaking down difficult readings and providing notes.  In addition to that I will also post online lectures as I find them online both in English and Spanish with the aim of consolidating all of the available resources of decolonial thinking into one central place. Lately, I've been reading articles and books by and about Dussel's corpus. I will upload some notes from Linda Alcoff's article "Enrique Dussel's Transmodernism" as well as some notes which will be part of a series of notes on Dussel's "Philosophy of Liberation", "Ethics of Liberation", and "Invention of the Americas". Other post to expect will be on the thought of Cornel West and Tariq Ramadan as I begin work on developing a concept called "decolonial hope" (that I ultimately hope to pursue at the PhD level) which I see, tentatively speaking, as one of first moment in the ethical and political praxis of decolonization. I want to interrogate and put into conversation Dussel, West, and Ramadan for this project, but also to identify their limits and shortcomings through critical thought produced by Women of color (Black, Chicana, Islamic, etc) feminist thought . So this is an update of what to expect in the near future from this blog. Subscribe to it so you can receive these updates.


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  1. Hi Jordan, this sounds very basic but google doesn't help much when I search "what is decolonial thinking". Also what area does decolonial studies cover? Thanks.